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They have already joined the success of the original formula of Vivafit creating and maintaining a business that is part of a highly dynamic network. 

Interview with Florencio
New franchisee from Vivafit Lepe

Interview with Florencio New franchisee from Vivafit LepeDo you believe in the success of the Vivafit franchise network? Why?
Absolutely; I see transparency and a fabulous team ; they are very professional, integrated into the project, and we have good franchisor-franchisee communication at a personal level

How long did it take to achieve break-even?
Within the first month, the design of the presales system helped us achieve break-even much earlier than expected.

For you, what sets Vivafit apart from other franchises with the same concept?
One of the things that made me opt for Vivafit is the personalized treatment; with other franchises it is difficult to talk to the person in charge of the franchise, and when you do manage to talk to them, they are very inflexible when it comes to meetings and timeframes. With Vivafit, in just a few days, I got to meet the person responsible and their general manager, I felt like I was being treated much better. 

Even in the same activity (gyms for women) the differences in the service provided to members and the product make the different franchises completely different business concepts.

What kind of support and training does Vivafit provide? Do you think the training is sufficient?
All the training has been really useful, since the start of membership training to later staff training, which was very useful for presales and for achieving break even, the training has been really comprehensive.
Vivafit's trainers have been flexible in terms of the training session times, and we did not have to bring all staff from Vivafit Lepe to Head office, as initially should have been, but the Head office has been in tune with the characteristics of Lepe and I have received training in Lepe, which really helped out. 
The manuals are really comprehensive, and reading them made me even happier with my decision; they show the dedication and experience of the Franchisor’s staff.

Do you have anything to recommend to prospective Vivafit franchisees?
My advice to future franchisees would be to have a large place, as in my case - at least 180m2; it is worth incurring more costs upfront, because with a larger space you can give your members a better service and take advantage of greater capacity. Increased income over the medium term will make it worthwhile.
Getting women off the couch and into the gym is not easy, but the training in sales and marketing makes this easier, thanks to their experience, and we learn how to attract new members, and more importantly, how to retain them. The staff and the good atmosphere created in Vivafit gyms between members makes this much easier.

I see a lot of future in this business - despite the crisis people are happy investing 39 or 49 euros

Sofia e Vitor Rosa
Vivafit franchisees for Parque das Nações and Linda-a-Velha.
Franchised in 2009

Franchise of the year 2009

“There is overwhelming support. There is constant training throughout the year, innovative eye-catching publicity and different kinds of marketing tools. More than anything else, it’s the effort the franchisor keeps making to reduce costs and get a return on the resources”.


Andreia Sequeira
Vivafit franchisee for
Odivelas and Odivelas Colinas do Cruzeiro

 Testimonials Andreia Sequeira

I really believe in the success and speed this brand has shown in expanding the franchise network. The product is well put together and I am already seeing the results. I truly think the team that is behind all this is entrepreneurial, energetic and dynamic effort is essential for Vivafit to be a great success.

Testimonials Colinas Cruzeiro
Foto Vivafit Colinas do Cruzeiro

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