Burn Calories with Two M’s

When did you last play a sport or exercise? Back in school, college? How the years passed by! Its been years, is it? And now you have to take care of career, kids, elderly, home, and maybe husband too.  Where does that leave time for sports or fitness? But you constantly think about your weight, […]

Workout Smarter, Not Harder

A lot of women complain about training 4 to 5 times a week, spending more than an hour on their workout and yet not able to lose weight. The problem could be over training. Along with frequency we need to focus on intensity when working out. Make each workout count like it’s the only workout […]

Simple Strength Training Routines 

  Most women skip this much needed exercise and focus only on cardio or flexibility exercises like yoga or pilates. Strength training will not only make you lose weight and give shape to your body, it will also improve your posture, your joints will be supported well with stronger muscles leading to a stronger body.  […]

Be Diwali fit!

You will end up consuming a few hundred extra calories a day in this holiday season. No matter how much you try you will end up eating all the sweet meats and calorie-rich snacks offered. You can counter this calorie over drive by making sure you burn the same calories through physical activity. Engage yourself […]