You may not be Aamir Khan but YOU are a star in the making, ONE WORKOUT A DAY.


The Aamir Khan video gives you goosebumps, just like the Tom Cruise stunt in Mission Impossible did. But you didn’t go out and attempt the stunt. Neither will you attempt what Aamir Khan did. How can you?

You, my friend, are a mother. You are juggling housekeeping, meals, laundry, PTMs, grocery shopping, and million other responsibilities which Aamir Khan will never even dream of. Yes, you are living the life and poor Aamir is missing out on all the fun. Besides Aamir Khan is perfect and perfect is boring. No, grapes are not sour 😉

Aamir Khan has an army of trainers to help him. Working out is probably his only responsibility in that time period when he was getting in shape for the movie. He gets paid in the end, stardom, fame, and yeah a lot of money too. Even if you disappeared working out no one will pay you a naya paisa or even a purana 500 rupee note. You will however have relatives and friends speculating the condition of your mental health or worse call you a selfish mother.  You will probably end up feeling guilty for paying attention to your own health over family responsibilities. Like they say, once a mother, always guilty.

So how does a not-as-famous-as-AamirKhan Mom like you and I get her motivation?  Do the below three things in the order listed.

  1. THROW OUT THE GUILT. PRIORITIZE YOURSELF. If you do just this one thing, you will have half the battle won. While Aamir is a movie star, you have a life that is no less than a movie. Make yourself the star of this movie.
  2. FIND TIME for the workout. If you have done the first, this will be easy. Start with 20 minutes a day. Wake up 20 minutes before everyone else does. When short of time, don’t try to do a perfect workout. More may be better than less, but some is definitely better than none!
  3. Set SMALL, REALLY SMALL GOALS. A workout done EVERYDAY or a weekly workout+meal plan achieved are the small victories you should celebrate. Make daily workout your goal, not losing 15 kgs or 8 inches. That will happen by and by.

Imagine if your life was screened in a theatre, how would you like to see yourself?  On a piece of paper jot down the characteristics of this person you want to see yourself as. Is she strong? Is she lithe? Is she athletic? Is she slim? Is she energetic? Does she walk with confidence? Are her movements graceful? Is she happy? Is she calm?

Work towards becoming that person. You are a star in the making, ONE WORKOUT A DAY.

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